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Thurmond & Company, Inc's headquarters in Asheville, NC
Thurmond & Company, Inc's headquarters in Asheville, NC

1796 Hendersonville Road
Suite A Asheville, NC 28803

Phone: (828) 277 - 6988

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Fax resumes to : (866) 292 - 2171

Experienced Recruiters and/or Consultants

If you are an experienced recruitment consultant in the Construction or Financial industries, have high standards, integrity, self-motivation, and you love a challenge, Thurmond & Company, Inc is the place for you. We offer you the tools you need to be successful. We offer resources that other recruiting firms cannot or do not provide.

We believe that an account executive that helps grow our business deserves to be properly rewarded.Our commission structure is aggressive and we offer one of the best payout packages in the industry.We offer a competitive suite of benefits and reimbursements and provide a strong training program to reach new heights of personal production.

We handle most accounting, information technology, marketing, operational support, and other related services. Our office has an administrative team to assist you in your consultant role. As a result, you are able to focus on just one thing: your desk. If you are an experienced search professional looking for a place to succeed please contact our office if interested.

Thurmond & Company, Inc is an equal opportunity employer and works with candidates without regard to their race, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, or other discriminatory factors.

Thurmond & Company's Mission Statement:

To serve professionally in the confidence of our candidates and clients

To endeavor to create a truly cooperative work environment

To engender the spirit of self-determination through knowledge and interdependence

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